Property Briefings Feedback …

This episode explains some of the feedback on how listeners are …

  • Coping with the Amount of Content.
  • Plus, the Frequency of the Podcasts.

THE NEXT PODCAST will talk about Protecting your Property.

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  1. Daniel Luder says:

    Hi Ken,

    So far I can follow the weekly podcast on a weekly basis as they are.
    They obviously loaded with information and cover some ground.
    I think if they are longer and cover too much its getting hard to replay and find a specific section later on. (If it was just for my self I would break them up into the 3 types of commercial segments and what to look out for. Before purchase, the tenancy, the day to day running, the value adding and potential, so there is a step by step
    structure. A general section with the latest development could be linked.)

    • Yes, the feedback on the early Podcasts was that they were too long – and contained too much info in one session. Plus, posting weekly was too frequent.

      So that the reason for making the later ones weekly; and also a more digestible length.

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