028. Your Crucial Step for Success

In this edition you’ll discover …

  • Negotiation is actually a 3-D Process.
  • Where you should focus your attention.
  • The difference between an Impasse, Stalemate & Deadlock.
  • Four takeaways you can start using immediately.

THE NEXT PODCAST will explore several further Key Issues.

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  1. Wayne Thompson says:

    Thank you Chris & Ken for another great podcast.
    Helping people decide on a purchase (sales negotiation) is what I do every day & I certainly need to improve my skills.
    Please send me the information you referred to regarding ‘Breaking the Impasse’.
    Thanks again for your great teaching.
    Kind regards,
    Wayne Thompson
    EMAIL: [email protected]

  2. Rebecca Kellock says:

    Thanks for such a clear breakdown of your negotiation process Chris. Anyone can speak about aiming for a win-win outcome but you show exactly how to achieve this. Much appreciated.
    Best Regards for a happy healthy 2014.
    [email protected]

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