009. Buying Under $1 Million

Not every Investor is seeking to purchase a Commercial property for over $1 million in value. And so, in this podcast, Chris will cover …

  • the preferred sector for the small to medium Investor;
  • where you should be focusing your attention;
  • but more importantly … WHY that’s the case; and
  • a quick insight into what happens after the Election.

Plus, Chris will also provide you with a quick update on progress with The 2K-Club.

NEXT WEEK’S PODCAST: This will explore some of the essential things you need to be aware of — in order to help ensure your ongoing success.

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  1. george romiz says:

    Thanks Chris & Ken for another great & informative session.
    Q. What economic or demograhic fundamentals / indicators should we keep in mind when researching a target area. Would they differ with respect to commercial property type and location.
    Q. Would you assess investment potential in Regional towns in the same way as you would a suburban city location.

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