PB-005 After The Deal

005. Your Contract is Unconditional

Actually, the fun has only just begun — because this week you will learn …

  • How you can take full control over your Financier.
  • How to maximise your Depreciation Benefits.
  • 4 simple ways to Add Value during ownership.

Also as promised, you can download below the accelerated Depreciation Rates for Division 40 items … for the most common Commercial property assets.

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  1. Nelson Bacole says:

    What’s being revealed here just gets better! And I’m thinking that having Chris is a personal mentor would be very handy.

  2. Bec Gibney says:

    I’m with you Nelson – it would be just great to have Chris as a mentor going forward. So it would be interesting to know his thoughts on this.

    • Ken Hemmens says:

      Thanks Bec

      I am actually replying to both you and Nelson, just to let you know this idea will be raised with Chris before the next podcast.

      Hopefully, he will provide you with his thoughts during our time together.

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