002. The Building Blocks going forward

In this Podcast, Ken asks Chris how you can …

  • Recognise your Investor Profile.
  • Scope your 8 Investment Objectives.
  • Focus on your 12 Buying Criteria.

And then he’ll indicate … Where to from here.

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  1. Nelson Bacole says:

    Having now listened to a couple of podcasts, I only wish I’d had access to this material years ago. It’s really great – keep it up.

  2. george romiz says:

    Thanks Chris & Ken,

    Do the same Investment objectives mentioned apply to all types of Commercial property. Could you please expand on how these may apply to a strata title & how we may factor in Flexible design, Adding Value, lending appeal, Zoning & Subdividing ..assuming starting out in commercial property … about the $350K range.

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