001. Laying the Foundation for future Property Briefings

In this inaugural podcast, Chris provides you with …

  • Some initial background.
  • How the 9-Step Investment Formula was born.
  • A brief explanation of what the Formula entails.
  • Debunking several common Commercial Property Myths.
  • Scoping the framework for future Podcasts.


  1. Terence Kirby-Fahey says:

    Excellent podcast – Very helpful information. Will listen to this frequently over the coming weeks. I have also recommended to close property associates to join up.

    I am at the commencement of a potential new project the contents of the podcast is a check list to help maintain the discipline required and underscored a repeated problem I have made in the past.

  2. Thanks Chris and Ken,

    Briliant intro. .Loved it. Grtting my Commrecial mind into gear.

  3. Great stuff, can’t wait to hear more details

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