012. A Listener’s Questions

During this week’s podcast, Chris answers several key questions about how to assess Commercial property.

  • What are the Demographic & Economic indicators to keep in mind?
  • How to assess the Regional and outer-lying areas around each capital city?
  • 5 common Mistakes to watch out for.

THE PODCAST NEXT WEEK … plans to take a look at how the Global scene — and in particular China — will impact Commercial property, over the next decade or so.

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  1. george romiz says:

    Thanks Guys … Another great absorbing podcast. Thanks for the thorough answers.

    Look forward to the Purchasing Power Wizard App. What a brilliant idea. Cheers.

  2. Tobi Childs says:

    Just off on a holiday break — so the Scientific Advertising material will provide me with some good reading while I’m away. And keen to make a start on the mentor arrangements, as soon as they are ready to go.

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