Ever Wished You Could “Pick the Brains” of a Leading Commercial Property Expert?

WELL … now you can!

AND YOU will even be able to receive those Answers, as a regular monthly Podcast if you wish – straight to your iPhone and iPad. Already, there are well over 150 Episodes for you to work your way through.

Plus, there will be absolutely NO CHARGE – because it’s completely FREE.

Each month, you will be able to listen to retired entrepreneur Peter Bonner-Mackness* interviewing Chris Lang CEO of Property Edge Australia. l And Peter will systematically draw out of Chris … his 45+ years of experience and detailed knowledge on Commercial property.

Furthermore, you’ll also be given the chance to pose your own questions … for Peter to put to Chris each week.

Anyway, you can check out the very 1st Episode now – simply to make sure it’s truly something to help fast-track your learning … about Commercial property investing.

Because these Podcasts are not for everyone …

You see, these Briefings are designed only for people genuinely interested in Commercial property investing. Those who are eager to learn, and NOT carrying any pre-conceived ideas holding them back.

If you do feel you belong … what you’ll discover over the ensuing weeks will be priceless.

So, would you like to be taken straight through to …


* Peter replaced Ken Hemmens as the interviewer in November 2017