Ever Wished You Could “Pick the Brains” of a Leading Commercial Property Expert?

WELL … now you can!

AND YOU will even be able to receive those Answers, as a regular monthly Podcast if you wish – straight to your iPhone and iPad. Already, there’s well over 100 Episodes for you to work your way through.

Plus, there will be absolutely NO CHARGE – because it’s completely FREE.

Each month, you will be able to listen to retired entrepreneur Peter Bonner-Mackness* interviewing Chris Lang CEO of Property Edge Australia. l And Peter will systematically draw out of Chris … his 45+ years of experience and detailed knowledge on Commercial property.

Furthermore, you’ll also be given the chance to pose your own questions … for Peter to put to Chris each week.

Anyway, you can check out the very 1st Episode now – simply to make sure it’s truly something to help fast-track your learning … about Commercial property investing.

But there is just ONE small catch …

You first need to find out if you qualify – in order to receive these monthly Property Briefings, on an ongoing basis.

The approval process is certainly not onerous. But nonetheless, it is necessary – because the Podcasts are not for everyone.

You see, these Briefings are designed only for people genuinely interested in Commercial property investing. Those who are eager to learn, and NOT carrying any pre-conceived ideas holding them back.

Therefore, automatic approval is not guaranteed. However, if you do “make the cut”, what you’ll discover over the ensuing weeks will be priceless.

So, would you like to be taken straight through to …

Find Out If You Qualify

And simply for doing that … we’ve arranged with Chris for you to receive a copy his proven Blueprint for Mastering Commercial Property.

* Peter replaced Ken Hemmens as the interviewer in November 2017